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When an individual purchases a property, he/she has to pay stamp duty in Delhi. Along with it, home buyers also need to pay a designated charge while registering the property. Notably, stamp duty and registration in Delhi serve as proof of legal ownership of a property.

These additional charges impact the property’s cost and are not necessarily covered by a  home loan. This makes it essential for intending home buyers to find out about the stamp duty charges in advance.

What is Stamp Duty?

Stamp duty charge in Delhi is a type of transactional tax paid by home buyers to the state government. Note that the Delhi stamp duty rates are fixed by the Central Government and are often revised periodically. To boost home ownership among women, the stamp duty Delhi rate is set lower for female home buyers. However, both men and women have to pay uniform flat registration charges in Delhi.

The table below provides an insight into stamp duty and property registration charges in Delhi.

Property owner Stamp duty in Delhi (%) Registration charges in Delhi (%)
Joint owners 5 1
Male 6 1
Female 4 1

Hence, co-owning a property with a female family member can help save on Delhi property registration charges and stamp charges.

How are Stamp Duty Charges Calculated?

In simple terms, stamp duty charges are a percentage of the property value. The percentage is decided on the basis of property ownership, as shown in the above table, and the property value is either the market value, the ready reckoner rate, or the circle rate, whichever is the highest.

Several factors influence stamp duty and registration charges in Delhi. These include the circle rate or ready reckoner rate and value of the property. Note that the government fixes the circle rate of properties in Delhi depending on multiple factors, including property type, age and use.

Homebuyers can calculate the stamp duty and home registry charges in Delhi without going through any hassle by using an online stamp duty calculator.

While it’s important to have an idea about the stamp duty and registration charges of property in Delhi, that information alone isn’t sufficient. One must also know how to pay the stamp duty and house registration charges in Delhi to ensure hassle-free payment.

With e-stamping, homebuyers in Delhi can now pay these charges online through the official portal in just a few steps. Once the payment is made, book an appointment with the sub-registrar’s office online to initiate the registration process.


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