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10 Smart Steps for Effective Home Loan Management

4 min 19 Jan 2023
Steps for Effective Home Loan Management
  • What Is Home Loan Management?
  • 10 Smart Ways to Manage Your Home Loan

Real estate is an asset that needs heavy financial resources. Whether you are looking to purchase a house as a residence or for investment purposes, lending institutions provide easy access to loan opportunities that are lucrative and beneficial. A Home Loan is a great form of monetary assistance when one is cash-strapped or not in favour of liquidating their savings. With easy EMIs and tailored repayment options, Home Loans offer an opportune alternative when planned through.

What Is Home Loan Management?

The process of availing a Home Loan and handling the repayments, in the form of monthly instalments or EMIs as per the repayment schedule, over the entire tenor is referred to as Home Loan management.

10 Smart Ways to Manage Your Home Loan Effectively

Housing finance entails big sums of money and a longer repayment period. There are several things to keep in mind while taking a Home Loan to ensure a hassle-free loan journey. Here are the 10 best ways to manage a Home Loan efficiently: 

1. Research Loan Options

Extensively research the different Home Loan options available in the market.Look up their interest rates, down payment, EMI, tenor, eligibility and documentation requirements. This will help you choose a suitable house loan from the right lender with the lowest interest rates. 

2. Aim for Cost Efficiency

Loan affordability is crucial to proper Home Loan management. Borrowers should be able to bear the EMI pay-outs comfortably. At the same time, they must also have a steady income flow to cover their regular expenses or any unforeseen emergency.

3. Control Your Expenses

Once you avail of a Home Loan, follow a strict budget to meet your EMIs on time. Spend cautiously and postpone expenses wherever possible. Missed or delayed EMIs can result in penalty charges, lowering of credit score and higher interest costs. Hence, opt for auto debit features so that you do not miss a single payment.

4. Choose Suitable EMIs

EMIs depend heavily on the down payment that you make towards the house purchase. Bigger the down payment sum, lesser will be the loan amount to be availed as loan, which will subsequently give you modest EMIs. Ideally, your chosen EMI amount should not exceed 45% of your net income for trouble-free paybacks.

5. Pick the Right Repayment Tenor

The time taken to pay off the sanctioned loan is said to be the repayment tenor. Your tenor and EMIs go hand in hand. Selecting a longer tenor might result in smaller instalments but it also increases the interest component fetching you a costlier loan. So, if you have a stable and recurrently increasing income, pick a short tenor with higher EMIs to restrict your credit costs and close your loan sooner.

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6. Maintain a Good CIBIL Score

A good CIBIL score is among the foremost factors considered for Home Loans. If you have a credit score of 750 or higher, you can obtain hefty loan amounts at competitive interest rates with flexible repayment tenors. You can also expect ideal housing loan deals with quick loan processing and disbursal time. 

7. Know the Foreclosure and Prepayment Norms

Occasionally during the loan tenor, borrowers may receive surplus funds through company bonuses or matured investments. This money can be diverted towards foreclosing the loan or making part pre-payments. Part pre-paying your loan periodically can bring down the outstanding loan amount and the interest outgo letting you close the loan before the end of the tenor. A floating interest rate loan does not attract a prepayment fee, unlike a fixed rate Home Loan for which lenders may levy a nominal prepayment charge, while some might even give you a fee waiver. 

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8. Fulfil Eligibility Criteria

Lenders usually have varied eligibility parameters to assess an applicant before granting loan approval. Your eligibility determines the Home Loan amount, interest rate, tenor and other terms and conditions. Documents pertaining to loan eligibility and property-related paperwork should be arranged as per lender requirements for swifter approvals.

9. Include Additional Loan Charges

Apart from the EMIs, there might be other administrative, processing or service charges that lenders could levy upon borrowers at the time of submitting the loan application. Check these charges and verify if there are any other fees involved in the process, now or at a later stage. Understand if these are one-time charges or monthly. In case of the latter, the fee has to be taken into consideration along with the EMIs when planning the monthly finances.

10. Shift to a Low-Interest Home Loan

Shifting your loan to another lender for lower Home Loan interest rates can cut down the cost of your loan and enable you to manage it better. Compare the price of a loan switch against your current loan and if assured of significant financial benefits, opt for a Home Loan Balance Transfer.  

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Borrow what You Need And What You Can Repay

Pre-qualifying for a Home Loan is a smart way to gauge how much you can borrow and what range of houses you should search for. Also, read the loan agreement carefully to get a comprehensive knowledge of the Home Loan terms and conditions. This will help you understand your loan better and handle it effectively.



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