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6 Min 29 Jun 2022
  • Home Loan: Introduction
  • Useful Tips on How to Pay a Home Loan Faster

A Home Loan is a long-term commitment that can extend up to 30 Years based on the lender’s terms and conditions. To get the best out of it, it is necessary to meticulously plan your home finance journey in terms of repayment and financial management. It is always a good idea to plan your repayment feasibly and become debt-free.  

So, if you have recently applied for a housing loan or are planning to apply soon, here are some tips to effectively repay your Home Loan faster without compromising your finances.

How to Pay a Home Loan Faster: Useful Tips

As mentioned earlier, Home loans are a long-term commitment. This means more than anything else, you require a certain level of financial discipline and a steadily increasing source of income to make the repayment journey smooth, quick and rewarding. Here are a few tips. 

Choose a Lender Offering Low Interest Rates

It is important to carefully study the market before taking out a Home Loan. Review the offerings by various lenders to know about their interest rates and other benefits. After checking all the lenders, pick a lender that offers the best loan terms, such as a low interest rate, flexible repayment tenor, and easy-to-meet eligibility criteria. A low interest rate translates into affordable EMIs, which can ease your repayment journey. 

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Choose a Lender that Allows Frequent Payments

Before you zero in on your Home Loan lender, ensure that the lender allows frequent payments above your EMIs. Making part-prepayments on your home finance will reduce the interest accumulation. Also, consequently, you can repay your loan faster. 

Borrow a Home Loan Amount That is Easy to Repay

Understand your financial capacity before taking a Home Loan. Exceeding the loan amount beyond your financial capacity can severely strain your monthly expense. If you choose a Home Loan amount that suits your budget, your repayment process will become easier. Getting a realistic idea of your repayment capacity is, hence, necessary.

Select a Short Home Loan Tenor

One of the best ways to repay a Home Loan faster is by selecting a short Home Loan tenor. Although you pay a relatively high EMI with a short tenor, your interest outflow is limited. Apart from being able to settle your debt in a short duration, it also boosts your credit score and allows you to borrow other loans when the need arises.

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Make a Sizeable Down Payment

Save enough money to make a sizeable down payment. Making a down payment instantly lowers your principal amount and significantly reduces your debt. Ensure that you’ve accounted for the down payment when you plan your home buying finances.

Opt for a Balance Transfer

In case you feel that your existing lender’s Home Loan terms are no longer favourable, consider opting for a Home Loan Balance Transfer and switching to a new lender. Switching lenders will enable you to benefit from a lower interest rate and a reduced tenor, basis eligibility. With such favourable terms, you can easily pay off your Home Loan faster.

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Apart from the above-mentioned tips, here are some more suggestions to close your Home Loan quickly.

  • Utilise profits from your other investments to quickly pay off your Home Loan
  • Avoid taking other loans as the financial stress may be too heavy on you 
  • Build a systematic investment plan to easily clear your Home Loan


You can close your Home Loan faster and make yourself debt-free sooner if you follow these steps diligently. The faster you repay your loan, the more secure you feel realising that all your money would be used to achieve your other life goals without having to share it with EMIs. Wishing you a rewarding and fulfilling financial journey. 

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