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About Home Loan

Home Loan Overview

A​ ​Home L​oan​​ from Bajaj Housing Finance​ makes your goal of owning a home easier than ever​. You can get a ​Home L​oan ​​of Rs.5 Crore* or more depending on your eligibility. We offer attractive interest rates starting from 8.45%* for salaried applicants. With EMIs as low as​ ​Rs.729/Lakh*​​​ and a flexible repayment tenor extending to ​​40​​​ years, you can repay the loan at your own pace.​​​​​ ​​​​

Our ​Housing L​oans​​ come with several other benefits. You can ​​apply for the ​Home Loan ​online​​ and expect disbursal within just 48 Hours*. If you have an existing home loan, you can opt for a balance transfer to enjoy lower interest rates and a ​top-up loan of Rs.1 Crore*. You can also avail ​​of ​​several tax benefits with the ​​Housing Loan​​.​​​​​​


Features & Benefits of Home Loan

Competitive Interest Rate of 8.45%*

Make the most of our attractive Housing Loan interest rate today. At 8.45%* p.a., salaried applicants can benefit from Home Loan EMIs as low as Rs.729/Lakh*.

Home Loan Balance Transfer

Borrowers with an existing Home Loan can make the most of our features and benefits by transferring the balance amount to us. Interest rates start as low as 8.60%* p.a.

Repayment Tenor of 40 Years

Opt for a longer tenor to manage your EMI repayment better. Choose a tenor of up to 40 years and repay your loan amount at your comfort.

Hassle-Free Application

Enjoy a truly hassle-free experience with our home loan application process. Skip the branch visits and opt for our doorstep document pick-up service.

External Benchmark Linked Loans

​​​You can link your housing loan interest rate to an external benchmark ​​such as ​​ the repo rate to benefit from favourable market conditions.​​

5,000+ Approved Projects

Choose a property from our list of 5,000+ approved projects and enjoy the best borrowing terms, along with quick and hassle-free processing.

Loan Amount of Rs.5 Cr*

Don’t let the sanction amount be an issue when purchasing your dream home. Avail of a sizeable online Home Loan of Rs.5 Cr* or even higher, depending on your eligibility.

Top-up Loan of up to Rs.1 Crore*​​

​​​With a Home Loan balance transfer, you will get the benefit of not only lower interest rates and other charges but also a top-up loan of Rs.1 Crore* or more​.​​​

Disbursal in 48 Hours*

Home Loan applicants can expect to receive their sanction within 48 Hours* , following the approval of their application and documentation verification.

Customized Repayment Options

Want to purchase an under-construction property and pay only a part of your EMIs to begin with? With us, you benefit from customized repayment options.

Online Tools for Better Decision-Making

​​​To help borrowers and applicants, we offer tools like the EMI Calculator and the Eligibility Calculator. Use them to plan your Home Loan repayments and applications.​​

Online Account Management

​​​For a seamless borrowing experience, we ​provide​ real-time access to loan details and related documents. Check these details on the Bajaj Housing Finance Customer Portal.​​

Home Loan EMI Calculator

Calculate your Home Loan EMI

Loan AmountRs.

Rs. 1 LakhRs. 15 Crore


1 Year40 years

Interest Rate%


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Total Interest

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Principal Amount

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​​A ​Step ​b​y Step Guide to Apply ​for a ​Home Loan Online

If you’re wondering how to get a Housing Loan, the below guide will walk you through our easy online Home Loan application process.

  1. To apply for a Home Loan, navigate to the housing loan application form on the official website.
  2. Enter the required Home Loan amount with your full name, mobile number, employment type, income details, and area PIN code.
  3. Enter the requested OTP and complete the rest of the application.

Once we receive your housing loan application, our representative will get in touch with you within 24 hours* to walk you through the next steps.

*Terms and conditions apply



Recently updated

Home Loan Eligibility Criteria

It is important to check the Home Loan eligibility criteria, so you can maximise your chances of getting a Home Loan. Our criteria vary on the basis of the applicant’s employment type. Interested in applying for a Home Loan online? Check out the following eligibility criteria:

Eligibility Parameters Salaried Self-Employed
Nationality Indian (including NRIs) Indian (Resident only)
​​​Employment Minimum 3 years of work experience in a public or private sector company, or an MNC Minimum 5 years of vintage in the current enterprise
​​Age 23 to 75 years** 25 to 70 years**
Place of Residence Must reside in one of the cities we operate in Must reside in one of the cities we operate in

** Note: The upper age limit is considered as age at the time of loan maturity. Additionally, the upper age limit for salaried applicants is subject to change, depending on the property profile.

Before you apply for a home loan, check your home loan eligibility here

​List of Documents Required to Apply for a Home Loan​​

​List of Documents Required to Apply for a Home Loan​​

​To complete your Home Loan application, you will need to submit supporting documents for the personal, employment, income​​,​​ and financial information you have mentioned on the form. The following is a checklist of the documents you must produce:

​​​Mandatory Documents​​ ​​​PAN card​​
​​​Form 60​​
​​​KYC Documents ​​
  • ​​​Recent photograph​​
  • ​​​Voter ID card​​
  • ​​​Aadhaar card​​
  • ​​​Valid passport​​
  • Valid driving license
  • ​​​Proof of Income​​ ​​​3 months’ salary slips (for salaried and salaried professional applicants)​​ ​​​P&L statement (for self-employed applicants)​​ ​​​ITR (for self-employed applicants)​​ ​​​Statements of your primary account for the last 6 months (for all applicants)​​
    ​​​Business Proof​​ ​​​Proof of business vintage of 5 years or more (for self-employed and non-professional applicants)​​
    ​​​Education Qualifications​​ ​​​MBBS and above (self-employed professionals- doctors)​​ ​​​Valid COP (self-employed professionals- Chartered Accountants)
    ​​​Property-related Documents​​ ​​​Title deed​​
    ​​​Allotment letter​​
    ​​​Property tax receipts

    ​​​​Note: Additional documents may be required at the time of loan processing.​​​

    Home Loan Fees and Charges_WC

    ​Fees and Charges on Home Loans

    Bajaj Housing Finance offers competitive rates alongside nominal charges, where applicable. Our interest rates for housing loans start as low as 8.45%* p.a. for salaried applicants.

    For a complete list of our housing loan interest rates, click here. For applicable Home Loan fees and charges, please refer to the tables below.

    Home Loan Fees

    Fee Charge Applicable
    Processing Fee Up to 7% of the loan amount+ GST as applicable 
    EMI Bounce Charges Up to Rs.10,000* (refer to the table provided below for the full break-up)
    Penal Interest 24% per annum in addition to the applicable interest rate on the overdue amount
    Secure Fee Up to Rs. 9,999 (one time)

    Loan Amount (in Rs.) Charges (in Rs.)
    Up to Rs. 15 Lakh 500
    15,00,001 – 30,00,000 1,000
    30,00,001 – 50,00,000 1,500
    50,00,001 – 1,00,00,000 2,000
    1,00,00,001 – 5,00,00,000 3,000
    5,00,00,001 – 10,00,00,000 5,000
    More than 10 Crore 10,000

    Prepayment and Foreclosure Charge

    Individuals with Home Loans linked to floating interest rates pay no additional charges on the prepayment or foreclosure of the housing loan amount. However, this may change for non-individual borrowers and borrowers who have loans for business purposes.

    For individual and non-individual borrowers with floating interest rate loans for non-business purposes:

    Particulars Term Loan Flexi Term Loan Flexi Hybrid Loan
    Time Period (in months) >1 >1 >1
    Part-prepayment Charges Nil Nil Nil
    Full Prepayment Charges Nil Nil Nil

    For individual and non-individual borrowers with floating interest rate loans for business purposes and all borrowers with fixed interest rate loans:

    Particulars Term Loan Flexi Term Loan Flexi Hybrid Loan
    Time Period (in months) >1 >1 >1
    Part-prepayment Charges 2%* on part payment Nil Nil
    Full Prepayment Charges 4%* on Principal Outstanding 4%* on the available Flexi Loan Limit 4%* on Sanctioned Amount during Flexi Interest Only Loan Repayment tenure; and 4%* on the available Flexi Loan Limit during Flexi Term Loan Tenure

    *GST as applicable will be payable by the borrower in addition to the prepayment charges, if any.

    **Nil for Home Loans closed by borrowers out of their own sources. Own sources refer to any source, other than borrowing from a bank/NBFC/HFC and/or a financial institution.

    Purpose of Loan

    The following loans shall be classified as loans for business purpose:

    • Lease Rental Discounting Loans
    • Loans Against any Property availed for Business Purpose, i.e., working capital, debt consolidation, repayment of business loan, expansion of business, acquisition of business assets or any similar end usage of funds.
    • Loan for purchase of Non-Residential Properties.
    • Loan against security of Non-Residential Property.
    • Top up Loans for business purpose, i.e., working capital, debt consolidation, repayment of business loan, expansion of business, acquisition of business assets or any similar end usage of funds.

    Do's and Don'ts When Applying for a Housing Loan

    Do's and Don'ts When Applying for a Housing Loan


    • ​​​​Do background research about the property and look for the best loan terms in the market.​​​​​
    • ​​​​Check your credit score and try to improve it before you apply for a home loan.​​​​​
    • ​​​​Read through all of the terms and conditions printed in the loan agreement before signing it.​​​​​
    • ​​​​Try to get pre-approval for a housing loan to improve your bargaining power. ​​​​​

    ​​​​​​​ ​​​Don’ts​​​​

    • ​​​​Do not apply for multiple loans and credit cards before applying for a home loan.​​​​​
    • Avoid providing any wrong information or hiding any financial information.​​​​​
    • ​​​​Do not miss your scheduled EMIs or credit card payments.​​​​​
    • ​​​​Avoid taking on a huge debt burden before opting for a home loan.​​​​​

    When applying for a Home Loan, keep these things in mind

    When applying for a Home Loan, keep these things in mind

    ​​​​A home loan is a long-term commitment. After the loan disbursal, you will need to pay a certain amount as EMI over the course of the ​tenor​. For a hassle-free experience, keep the following things in mind:​​​​​

    • ​​​​Use the ​​home loan EMI calculator​​ ​​to determine the loan amount you can afford.​​​​​
    • ​​​​Check your ​home loan eligibility​ and apply within your limit ​to maximise the chances of approval. ​​​​
    • ​​​A high CIBIL score will let you get the best repayment terms, including lower interest rates.​​​​
    • ​​​If you need a higher loan amount, consider adding a close family member as a co-applicant.​​​​
    • ​​​Before applying for a home loan, check that the property you want to buy is approved by the lender. ​​​​


    Home Loan FAQs

    A Home Loan is a secured loan obtained from a financial institution for the purpose of purchasing a home. You can apply for a housing loan to purchase or renovate a residential property.

    Housing loans are secured loans, wherein the property to be purchased serves as collateral against the loan amount. A certain extent of the property ownership remains with the lender, until the repayment amount has been repaid with interest.

    Housing Loan processing fees refer to the main fee charged with every loan application. It is the amount the lender charges to process your application and extend funding. The fee varies from lender to lender and person to person. We charge a processing fee of up to 7% of the loan amount, along GST as applicable.

    You borrow funds at a predetermined interest rate and agree to pay the sum (principal) back, with interest, over a predetermined time frame (tenor) through equated monthly instalments (EMIs).

    The Repo Rate is an instrument used by the RBI to control lending and, ultimately, inflation in the Indian economy. Thus, a repo rate linked Home Loan where your interest rate is linked to the repo rate. It offers you more transparency in the rate setting mechanism and better transmission of benefits in favourable market conditions.

    We aim to approve your Home Loan request in 24* hours and disburse the loan amount into your bank account in 48* hours, from the time of loan approval and processing.

    When availing of a home loan jointly, you can apply with your parents, spouse, children, or siblings as co-applicants. A few relationships are exceptions here, including married daughters and parents.

    Depending on the end-use and application type, one can choose from a variety of Home Loans, including:

    • Fresh Home Loan
    • Home Loan Balance Transfer
    • Home Loans for Professionals
    • Home Renovation Loan

    Yes, borrowers can claim tax benefits on Home Loans under several exemption sections.

    • Section 24(b) – Up to Rs.2 Lakh p.a. (on interest)
    • Section 80C – Up to Rs.1.5 Lakh p.a. (on principal)

    The exact minimum salary required for an online Home Loan can vary as per the location. Prospective borrowers should be able to showcase a minimum of Rs.30,000 as their monthly income to be considered for a Housing Loan.

    Yes, you can avail of two Home Loans at the same time, depending on your eligibility. Your financial, income, employment, and credit profile will define whether you are in a position to service another loan and, subsequently, if you should be offered another sanction.

    No. You can get a Home Loan between 90% to 75% of the property value depending on the price of the property.

    A salaried employee, a professional individual, and a self-employed individual – all are eligible to avail of a housing loan from Bajaj Housing Finance; provided they fit into the eligibility criteria regarding age, income, duration of employment/business and nationality.

    Bajaj Housing Finance provides Home Loans up to Rs.5 Crore* or even more, basis eligibility - the maximum amount being 75% to 90% of the property value. However, your individual eligibility is calculated based on factors such as age, type of employment, income, and credit score, among others, regardless of what the property is priced at.

    The processing time for a housing loan can vary depending on a number of factors, such as the completeness of the application, the complexity of the case, the level of due diligence required, and the responsiveness of the applicant.

    Once you apply for housing finance and submit the required documents, your Loan application is verified. After verification, your loan will be disbursed within the next 48 Hours*.

    A guarantor is not mandatory for Home Loan applicant, but may be required in special cases such as:

    • The loan amount sought by the applicant is higher than what they qualify for
    • The applicant’s credit score is low, or their credit history is weak
    • The applicant has a risky job or is of advanced age
    • The applicant earns less than the predetermined income bar

    External benchmark-based lending rates are the lending rates set by banks and lenders based on external benchmarks such as a repo rate. As the Repo Rate fluctuates, so does the rate of interest on loans.


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