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About Area Conversion Calculator

Converting your land area measurement to the desired units manually can be quite a hassle. Thankfully, with the area conversion calculator, you don’t have to worry about that anymore. This tool is entirely online, simple to use and easy to understand. All that you need to do is enter the value for the area that you intend to convert, select its measurement unit and then select the unit you wish to convert to.

So, whether you have some experience with real estate dealings or if it is your first time, you don’t have to worry about errors in area measurements. This makes things much easier when dealing with measurement units used across the country. There are different land measurement units, some of the examples include acre, hectare, Square yards, bigha, and katha. Other units of land area measurement are region-specific and popular among the rural population.

Knowing the various land measurement units helps when buying property. This will make buying land in different states and regions of the country simpler. The plot area calculator will convert the values to your preferred units and give you accurate results. For instance, the area conversion calculator can calculate land measurement units in seconds, eliminating errors.

Uses of Area Converter

  • An area unit converter is a useful tool for anyone, whether you wish to buy property or are a professional that works in the sector. The online area calculator can be used to convert the value of the land area to the units of land measurement of your choice. The measurement converter is especially beneficial if you are purchasing land property in specific regions of the country.
  • As land measurement units differ in certain locations, ensuring accuracy can be a tedious task, if done manually. For example, ‘Guntha’ is used as a unit of measurement in states like Andhra Pradesh, Karnataka, and some parts of Maharashtra. For the unit known as Bigha – Pucca is used in Bihar, Punjab, Haryana, and some parts of Uttar Pradesh.
  • To use the area conversion calculator, enter the values and select the available measurement unit. Once done, select the unit of measurement you want to convert the area to. The land unit converter will then automatically calculate the value and display the accurate results as per the units you chose. You only need the value of the land area to convert area measurements with the online area calculator.

To know the area for such calculations, measure the length and the width of the land. Then, multiply the values of length and width to get the land area measurement. The area conversion calculator uses a conversion factor to convert the value of land measurement from and to different units. All you have to do is enter the value and the automatic area calculator processes the value to give you results.

To know how to convert land area, you should learn about the conversion factor. It uses a simple mathematical formula: S*C = E

Here S is the primary value, C is the conversion factor, and E is the end result.

Multiplying the starting unit value with the conversion factor of the desired unit gives you the final figure.

Common Land Measurement Units in India

There are many units of land measurement in India and these land measurement units vary with region. You can use a land area converter or land measurement converter to convert the value to the desired units.

Below are the common land measurement units used in India:

Unit of Area Conversion Unit
1 Square foot (sq. ft.) 144 Sq. in.
1 Square inch (sq. in.) 0.0069444 Sq. ft
1 Square centimetre 0.00107639 Sq. ft.
1 Square meter (sq. m.) 10.76391042 Sq. ft.
1 Square yard (sq. yd) 9 Sq. ft.
1 Square kilometre 247.10 Acres
1 Acre 4840 sq. yd
1 Hectare 10,000 Sq. m. or 2.49 Acres (approx.)
1 Square mile 640 Acres or 259 Hectares


In addition to these units, here are some land measurement units that are used in various regions and states across India:

  • Kanal
  • Ghumaon
  • Biswani
  • Killa
  • Ankanam
  • Cent
  • Guntha
  • Ground
  • Kuncham
  • Dhur
  • Lecha
  • Chatak
  • Decimal
  • Katha

Units like Bigha, Biswani are mostly used in northern, western, and central states such as Bihar, UP, Haryana, Punjab, Himachal Pradesh, Rajasthan, and parts of Madhya Pradesh. On the other hand, units such as Guntha, Ground, Ankanam, and Kancham, are land measurement units in southern states including Andhra Pradesh, Karnataka, Kerala, and Tamil Nadu. Dhur, Lecha, Chatak, and Katha are used in eastern states like Bihar, Jharkhand, Tripura, Assam, and West Bengal.

Land Measurement Units Definitions

Here are some definitions of the land measurement units that are commonly used:

  • Hectare

    Hectare is mostly used for land measurement of forests and agricultural plots. It is also used for surveying, which includes town planning, mortgage, and property matters under the purview of the law. This land measurement unit is also primarily used in Europe. It is the area of a Square with all the sides measuring 100 meters.You can use a land measurement calculator to convert hectares into other land measurement units.

  • Acre

    It is a unit of area measurement mostly used in US customary systems and the United Kingdom. This land measurement unit has an international symbol – ‘ac’. Acre is used in India to measure the area of agricultural land. A land area calculator will help you convert acres into Square feet or other measuring units.An acre equals 4,840 Square yards.

  • Bigha

    Bigha is a traditional unit of measuring land in states like Punjab, Haryana, Bihar, Uttar Pradesh, Himachal Pradesh, Uttarakhand, Gujarat, and parts of Rajasthan. However, this unit of measurement has no standard size. Its measurement varies based on the state. For instance, one bigha is equal to 1,600 sq. yd. in West Bengal, whereas it is 756.222 sq. yd. in Uttarakhand.

  • Ares

    One unit of ares is equal to 100 Square meters. In other measurements, 100 ares makes 1 hectare. Ares was replaced by hectares in the year 1960. It is no longer a part of the modern International System (SI). However, some European countries still use this land measurement unit to measure real estate. It is highly unlikely that you will have property dealings in which ares is used as a land measurement unit.

  • Square feet

    Square feet is a commonly used land measurement unit across the world. It is used in countries including India, Canada, Bangladesh, Pakistan, Nepal, Singapore, Malaysia, Ghana, Hong Kong, the United States, and the United Kingdom. This standard measuring unit is a part of the imperial and US customary units. Square feet can be defined as the area of a Square with each side measuring 1 foot.

  • Ground

    Ground is a land measurement unit commonly used in the realty sector in India. It is commonly used in some parts of the southern state of Tamil Nadu. One ground is equal to 24,000 sq. ft. or 203 sq. m. If you need to convert ground into other units like bigha, biswa, or Square feet, use an area conversion calculator to minimise errors.

  • Square meter

    A Square meter, also known as a meter squared, is similar to Square feet. However, the sides of the Square in the case of a Square meter are 1 meter each. It is a Standard International (SI) based unit of land area measurement. The Square meter is usually written as m2 or sq. m.

  • Katha

    Katha is a popular land measurement unit used in the eastern states of India. This unit of measurement has no standard size as it varies in different states. For instance, one katha is equal to 1,361.25 sq. ft. in Bihar and 720 sq. ft. in West Bengal. The measurement is 2,880 sq. ft. in the state of Assam. Due to the variance in the way that land is measured, it is best to use an online area converter to avoid mistakes.

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Area Conversion Calculator - FAQs

How is Land Area Calculated?

Land area measurement in India depends on land measurement units used in various states. In general, residential plots are measured in Square feet, whereas agricultural land is measured in acres. To calculate the measurement of an area, measure the length and the width of the land. Multiply the two figures of length and width to get the area of land. The area can be calculated in any unit. You can use the land area conversion calculator to convert one unit of measurement into another.

How to Calculate the Area of Irregular Land?

Irregular land will have sides and angles of different lengths and sizes. You can use certain formulas to manually calculate the area of irregular land. Subdivide the area of irregular land into familiar shapes like triangle, rectangle, square, circle, or a parallelogram. Then, measure the areas of these subdivided shapes by using their formulas. Add the results to get the area of an irregular land. You can also divide the irregular shape into triangles and use Heron’s formula to arrive at the irregular land area. Alternatively, you can use a land area calculator online to calculate the area of irregular land.

How to Calculate Land Area From Google Maps?

To calculate land area in Google Maps, choose the ‘measure distance’ option. Then, zoom in to the plot of land you need to calculate the area for. Draw lines around the edge of the area on the map. Once done, Google will automatically process and display the measurement of the selected area on your screen. You can view the land measurement in Square feet and Square meters. You can use the land area converter calculator to convert the calculation to your preferred units. Alternatively, you can use online land converter tools that will help you determine the area of land from Google Maps.

How to Calculate Land Area in Square Feet?

The area of residential properties is mostly measured in Square feet. Calculating land areas in Square feet is an easy task. All you need to do is measure the length and the width of the area in feet. Once this is done, multiply the length in feet with the width in feet to measure the size of the land. One Square foot converts into 144 Square inches. You can also use a land calculator online to calculate this value quickly and accurately. When converting to other regional units, use the area conversion calculator.

How to Calculate Land Area in Acres?

To calculate the area of land in acres, follow the steps of calculating land area in Square feet. Measure the length and width of the area in feet. Multiply the figures of length in feet and width in feet. The result you get is the area of the land measured in Square feet. Now, use the area conversion calculator by Bajaj Housing Finance to convert the area in Square feet to area in acres. A similar process can be followed if you wish to convert the area to other units with this land conversion calculator.